Pantsu is specially designed for Periods and Post Maternity.

1. Padded Panty is specially designed for overnight usage.

2. Super absorbent polymer in super soft ultra-thin sanitary pad absorbs and locks large amount of fluid and converts it into gel like substance, thereby keeps the area very dry and long lasting protection throughout the night.

3. More absorption capacity reduces the task of changing pads frequently.

4. Material is super soft and non-irritating thereby provides complete comfort.

5. Designed for young & active women for use during periods and post normal delivery.

6. A versatile hygiene feminine protection solution.

Size – M-L size (60cm – 90cm waistline range)

1 Box- 3 pieces of panties

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PANTSU:Disposable Sanitary Pants

1. Stretchable:Flexible without tightness and leave no marks on skin.​

2. Premium materials:Four-leaf clover embossed design, cottony soft surface provides fast absorption and comfortable wear all night long. ​

3. Anti-leakage coverage:Maximum protection to fully cover entire buttock and thighs, seamless design to prevent side and back leakage while sleeping in any positions. ​

4. 4-in-1 chip:Yew tree+negative ions +far infrared+ Nano Sliver improve menstrual health. ​

5. Airy soft pad:100% imported absorbent cushion, locks in fluids quickly to stay fresh and dry throughout the night. ​

6. Breathable surface:Extra breathable without stuffiness for exceptional comfort.