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Sanitary panties are special panties worn during periods together with a sanitary pad, which usually provide a snug fit and additional features to prevent leakages.

Most girls have their first period between the ages of 11 and 14, but you could be younger or older than that when you receive it—there is no “correct” age. Inquire about your mother’s first menstruation. It’s a good predictor of when yours will arrive.

The average woman’s period lasts two to six days. This involves one or two days of strong flow at the start (which means changing your pad every hour or two), followed by a few of days of lighter flow. During our periods, we typically shed less than 4 tablespoons (60ml) of blood, but the amount we menstruate might fluctuate from month to month, which is completely normal. If your period is so heavy that you have to change your pad more than once every hour, if the menstrual blood is coming out in a steady stream that won’t stop, or if your period lasts more than seven days, you should see a doctor.

Most women’s periods last about 28 days, but each woman’s cycle is unique, and your individual schedule may vary from month to month owing to stress, illness, or weight loss. The first two years after your first period can be unusually irregular; you may even skip entire months. It’s not a big deal as long as you get your period eventually.

The bottom wing naturally folds perfectly over the edges of your undies to help hold the pad in place and upper wing perfectly stays onto the v-zone for maximum comfort which we call the X-Wing. Fits in all body movements to lock in fluids quickly and provide total anti-leakage.

Pantsu sanitary pants come with special features such as double edges anti-leakage design, 360° full coverage to prevent side and back leakage while sleeping in any positions with an ultra-thin core for daily comfortable and up to 38 times absorption capacity.

All Joliewen products are embedded with a chip containing efficacy inside a sanitary napkin which is most of the ordinary sanitary napkins in the market do not have functional chips.

Soft Cottony surface, non-woven material that is soft and skin-friendly without irritation.

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